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  Project Book Information

     To determine the materials needed for your project please check your Clover. Under each project listing there is a list of materials. The materials listed are available for purchase at the MSU Extension Publication Store. Head to the 4-H materials portion of the store and type in the book number or title that you are looking for. Click here to visit the 4-H Materials Publication Store.

     We have new and current 4-H project books available at the Extension office.  If you need a project book, check the list below and see if we have one that you are welcome to come in and pick up.

Animal Science 

                Beef –   Level 3 - Leading the Charge

                Meat Goat – Level 1 - Just Browsing (2)

                Pocket Pets – Level 1 - Pet Pals

                Poultry – Level 1 - Scratching the Surface

                Swine – Level 1 - The Incredible Pig
                              Swine Resource Handbook

Engineering and Technology

                Aerospace – Stage 2 - Lift-Off (3)

                Small Engines – Level 1 - Crank It Up!

                Woodworking - Level 2 - Making the Cut

Environmental and Natural Sciences

                4-H Pistol (3)

                Sportfishing –    Level 1 - Take the Bait (2)
                                             Helper’s Guide

Family & Consumer Sciences

                Home Environment

Foods and Nutrition

                4-H Cooking 201


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